Proposed Changes to the Fisheries Act

Our government is preparing to cut key sections of the fisheries act. To find out more, please follow the link to the Vancouver Sun:


  1. #1 by John Carter on March 29, 2012 - 4:19 pm

    Are people fully aware that these changes are seen as an essential change in the present legislation by the Federal and Provincial governments in order to ensure the Enbridge pipeline ( The Northern Gateway project ) is able to proceed . If the public were naive enough to believe that the Northern Gateway was in anyway open for democratic decision making ,this should enlighten them. The decision has already been made within government .All the environmental studies and public consultation is just a poorly disguised attempt to make people believe they are partaking in a democratic process.
    Of course it also opens up the whole country to mismanagement of crucial environmental decision making. The answer is in how you vote !!!!! Don’23B7t complain if you elected the decision makers ….

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