Assumption School

Each winter, Assumption Grade 5 students foster 30-50 coho. Beginning in January we receive eyed-eggs and then by March, the students deliver the fry to Lang Creek Spawning Channel where they will begin their epic 4-year journey in the ocean and return to spawn in this very creek! Students learn to appreciate their own valued participation as stewards in protecting the environment that is required for a healthy salmon fishery. Dianne Sanford comes to Powell River three times yearly to teach the students about the types of salmon, its body parts, the river environment, the predators, as well as the necessary food sources and protective values of a man-made spawning channel.

Thanks PR Salmon for letting us participate in your important stewardship activities. Mrs. Wyatt and her Grade 5 class has been involved now for a decade and Assumption School is proud to be part of your local conservation efforts.

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