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Forwarded from Stewart Hawthorn of Grieg Seafood who is currently out of the country.

Thursday, May 9, 2014

Hello from Stewart.

This Sunday, May 11 at 7 pm, the U.S. news program 60 Minutes and one of their contributors Dr. Sanjay Gupta, is broadcasting a segment on BC’s aquaculture sector. The story includes interviews with sector representatives as well as critics. Dr. Gupta visited Campbell River last Fall and toured a farm. He saw first-hand how salmon are raised, had open access to all areas of a fish farm, and spoke to company professionals on all aspects of farming in the ocean.

The program producers requested a large volume of information as part of their due diligence. The result was an 18-page document compiled with input from many experts, which has been shared with the public at Although Grieg Seafood did not participate directly in the production of this segment, we assisted the BC Salmon Farmers Association by providing information regarding our fish farming practices, how we care for our fish and respect the natural marine environment including wild salmon.

We will not see this program in advance of Sunday and so will be looking forward to this international profile of salmon farming in BC. We are proud of our world-class farming practices, the sustainable employment that we and our partner companies have established in rural BC communities, and our contribution to feeding the world’s population with a healthy protein food source.

If you have any questions or comments after the program, please send me an email at Thank you.

– Marilyn

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