1. #1 by Heidi Sullivan on August 15, 2014 - 11:33 am

    Referring to this article where the government makes decisions without public input is a mockery of our freedom and equality – a democracy it is not – a dictatorship for sure – hiding behind the curtain of “business.” This just stuns me to the core! But what can one expect from elected law makers as their historic performance of turning a blind eye or forcing the issues sucks big time and that almighty dollar makes the rules. Looks like a done deal here all the while covering it all up with brainwashing remarks of “more jobs and better future” crap! Not unless you are God or Mother Nature, there is no guarantee it will not eventually pollute our ground water. Personally I would give up that job opportunity crap with the bright future in favour of my eight glasses of clean water a day now and be able to guarantee my grandkids have their eight glasses of clean water in their future too!

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