January 2015

IMG_2353 (3) IMG_2354 (3)Pictures say it all !

These two beauties (and I am not talking about the fish) where out having some  fun recently. Both Tom Krivanek and John Ring volunteer countless hours for the Powell River Salmon Society(PRSS) each year.

I think its more than fair to say that they help build them and so they should be the ones to catch them! We also believe in Karma. When we see these pictures they just makes sense. Good on you guys!

For anyone else out there that would like to share your pictures please feel free to submit them. If you also believe in Karma maybe you would like to volunteer or contribute to our program? After all, participation is a critical component.

Valuable Contributions 

The PRSS would  like to thank a few  recent contributors to our program and also one of our ambassadors. Robert Lacey, Jim Mcintyre, and Gordon Jones all made very generous  donations in January. These contributions will directly benefit the production at our hatchery. It is through a local PRSS ambassador that two of these gentleman have learned of our program. We greatly appreciate the efforts of Ed Vizzutti in his valuable representation of our organization. Thank you all!

In your Monthly Update

With days slowly getting longer January is now in the rear view mirror. Our fish have shown steady growth and survival rates are all good.

Sparks flew at Lang Creek  with some important repairs being made to our brood facility in preparation for next season. Have a look back into January 2015

  1. #1 by Henderson School - Div.3 on February 15, 2015 - 12:01 pm

    It’s important to keep garbage out of the water because salmon could drown if caught in it or eat it by mistake. We can help by keeping snack bags/litter in our pockets. By being “Stream keepers” and keeping our waterways clean.

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