The mission of the Powell River Salmon Society is the conservation of the keystone species in our coastal marine environment – wild salmon.  Salmon are key because they exist at a pivot point for all coastal life, and intelligent/effective conservation of them requires a broad and deep understanding of their life cycles. It is only a small stretch to say that if we knew all that we need to know to save the salmon, we would be very far advanced in knowing what we need to know to conserve our planet.


The PRSS was formed in 1982, at the point at which drastic reduction of salmon stocks was becoming an inconvenient and undeniable truth.  We have learned that conservation success requires mastery of a wide range of scientific knowledge, and the creation of a diverse toolbox of interventions and practices. There are no quick answers or fixes available, and funding our sustained effort has never been easy.  We are grateful for the core operating support we receive from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, as well as funding from the Pacific Salmon Foundation for specific projects. But our small staffs of three permanent employees rely heavily on the opportunity to leverage this necessarily limited support with the voluntary contribution of labor from socially responsible community members.


We expect to task 15,000 hours of volunteer work in the operation, maintenance, and expansion components of our hatchery work. As well, our educational outreach programs in the schools of the Sunshine Coast area and our water monitoring program are some of the key areas of our activity.


We hope that you will consider the possibility of participating in our Corporate Membership Initiative. A corporate membership costs $150. With a corporate membership you will receive our well established corporate recognition package. This includes your company logo placement on the homepage of our website, and direct placement into our annual report. We will also be using our social media platform to advertise our corporate members and mentions in our monthly newsletters to our members. Our website is currently averaging 20 000 page views per month. Simply email us a high resolution copy of your corporate logo and we will take care of the rest.


We would very much like the opportunity to answer any of your questions and explain how we are prepared to ensure that any contribution you can make receives the public notice that it deserves.





Rob Helm

PRSS Membership Director

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