Salmon Preservation Fund


By Shauna Andrews SPF committee member

The Powell River Salmon Society (or the PRSS) is a charitable organization that aids in the restoration of Pacific Salmon stocks, gaining help from volunteers and donations. This effort then contributes to community sustainability, educational opportunities, and West Coast identity and influence.

It is with great misfortune that the Powell River Salmon Society has recently been the victim of senseless vandalism, resulting in the loss of 700,000 young Chum at our Duck Lake hatchery in Powell River. PRSS is doing everything we can to recover from this circumstance as quickly as possible, and we could use as much help as we can get.

We are a charitable organization that relies on limited government funding and donations; while we are confident in handling small-scale complications that occasionally arise, this situation is greater than our small budget can repair and cater to. The loss of 700,000 Chum unfortunately spills into every other operation that we undertake at PRSS, as we are an organization that runs based on cycles. 

With support from the community and beyond, we hope to raise funds to contribute to our Salmon Preservation Fund and regenerate not only the Salmon that were killed, but the cycle in which these Salmon play a part. Our hatcheries work rhythmically as a circuit, and the loss of these Chum has taken us backwards in our pattern of propagation.

The Salmon Preservation Fund is directly related to both Powell River and the PRSS, and makes it possible to evolve fundraising efforts beyond what PRSS has been capable of in the past. The SPF has opened up opportunities for present and future volunteers, and offers occasions where Powell River residents can involve themselves in the growing need of their community. The creation, growth, and perpetuation of the SPF is our way of giving back to both the fish and the community, now and into the future.

Community involvement and attention regarding fundraising and support has never been more critical to the future of our Salmon, and the Powell River Salmon Society. While this recent misfortune with our Chum was devastating, our overall challenge is even bigger.

The PRSS has been an integral part of Powell River’s Salmon-focussed bionetwork since 1982, yet has been working with the same level of yearly government funding, even while the foundation’s efforts have increased dramatically. While the PRSS is proud of doing a lot with a little, the truth remains: if government funding stays at current level or is discontinued in the future, the hatchery operations could come to an end.

This most recent loss of 700,000 Chum adds to the devastating reality that without financial support and community awareness, the PRSS and the Salmon Preservation Fund may come under more pressure than ever in trying to restore Pacific Salmon Stocks. By donating to the Salmon Preservation Fund, we hope to regain momentum in the cycle of our Salmon that has been so drastically interrupted.

It’s important for people in and around our community to take a minute to consider what Salmon mean to them, how it affects them or their family, and what it would mean if there were no Salmon around Powell River and its coastal waters. From the casual fisherman to the First Nations that rely on them as a ceremonial fish, Salmon are intertwined in our community and local culture.

The PRSS stands out from other hatcheries based on the community they exist in. Among the growing concerns and variables that keep both Pacific Salmon stocks healthy and the PRSS at their side, this local charity can depend on the certainty that our town and our surrounding coastal communities care; it’s one foundational element that PRSS can count on.

To make a donation please visit the Salmon Preservation Fund


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