February 2019

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February 2019

Duck Lake Security Upgrade News

The Powell River Salmon Society(PRSS) has investigated specific options for a security upgrade at the Duck Lake Hatchery.

Our board of directors and staff met with police and contractors at the Duck Lake Hatchery to do a full review of events and to discuss our options to decrease the probability of vandalism from happening again. The following recommendations were made:

It was agreed upon that restricting access via fencing to the hatchery when staff are not present was the single highest priority. Security cameras and more locking mechanisms are to be added to valve networks at the site.  

The fencing would begin  at the entrance to the hatchery to make it more difficult to enter. Signage and a cameras are to be installed at this location also.

Fencing was to be continued around the rearing units at the hatchery site itself. More cameras were to be installed overlooking the rearing area.

All proposed fencing was to be clearly marked with signage indicating the presence of video cameras and the importance of security at the site.

Security Upgrading Funding

A funding application supporting the above plan was sent to the Pacific Salmon Foundation(PSF) for emergency funding for our planned security upgrade.

The original application was rejected. The committee that makes decisions on the the emergency funding grant applications questioned the importance and effectiveness of security fencing around our rearing area and were of the opinion that a satellite security monitoring system would be a better investment for security purposes.  

We do plan to research video monitoring equipment in the future but we still believe restricting access is our number one concern. 

After conversations between PRSS management and directors of both the PRSS and the PSF a decision was made to restructure our emergency grant application to the PSF in order to drastically reduce the amount of funds that we had originally asked for to complete our project. Our restructured grant will complete only  our main entry gate, and add security cameras and signage. We will also replace a couple of rearing tank valves to valves that are lockable. In telephone conversations the PSF committee also insisted on some motion lighting for the site that we will add.

Our revised application has been successful. We have  been awarded a grant for $10k to do the above described portion of our security upgrade at Duck Lake.

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