January 2019

The Salmon Preservation Fund. Save our Salmon!

January started rough with the loss of 90 percent of our Chum but after we took the time to evaluate the situation, speak with media and community members we have come up with some plans to increase security and awareness at our Duck Lake Hatchery.

At our Duck Lake Hatchery we are in the process of raising security levels with fencing, signage, additional locking mechanisms, and video surveillance. We will be adding more details in the coming months including some pictures.

We would like to thank our community and our extended salmon enhancement community for their ongoing support through this process. We have had many groups and individuals help us to take the next steps in moving forward at Duck lake facility. We have received offers for help from Sliammon in the form of Chum eggs. We have received donations from Vancouver and Nanaimo. The community Forest has been inquiring about where they can help. The Pacific Salmon Foundation has stepped to the forefront in pledging emergency funds to take the highest level of security possible for our Duck Lake Hatchery. We are moving forward. Stay tuned!

For now here is a look at January 2019


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