2021 Brood Data

Lang Returns 2021

2021 was great year for Lang Creek Returns. Chinook had terrific showings this fall with our second best year on record, only missing out on being our best year by a few fish. For a closer look at this years returns, feel free to check out “Lang Releases and Returns” under “The Fish” tab on our main page.


Chinook Rel vs Ret 2021

With another banner year of Chinook returns to Lang Creek, our enhancement program continues to prove to be very effective. This graph offset by 4 years directly compares the adult Chinook we get back from the Chinook smolts we put out. As you can tell by the trend line, our program’s effectiveness has been trending up for the last several decades.


Sept vs Oct Chin 2021

Interestingly over the past 10 years our Chinook run has moved from an October return to a late September return. We can’t be sure why this is, but we are tracking the data.


Coho vs Pink 2021

Another interesting development is the correlation between our Coho and Pink returns has completely inverted a few years ago.


Aug vs Total Coho 2021

This chart shows what we can predict for a total Coho run based off of what comes back in August. 


Coho LWF 2021

This chart tracks the size and fecundity of our Coho over the years. Though our Coho were on the lighter side of the average this year, they still produced plenty of eggs.

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