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The PRSS operates four salmon enhancement facilities in the Powell River area:

1- The Duck Lake Hatchery is located 10km from tidal on Lang Creek and is used for incubation purposes as well as rearing in the spring. This site is critical to the imprinting process for hatchery production pertinent to Lang Creek. This site sits fallow over the summer months primarily because of high water temperatures experienced over summer months. It is not uncommon to reach 25 degrees Celsius, and even hit 30 degrees Celsius one summer in the 1980’s!

2- The Mill Hatchery is located at the Catalyst paper mill in Powell River. This site is also used for incubation as well as rearing. This facility has been increasingly effective over the last year, given its unique ability to accelerate incubation, and for its satellite capabilities where fish production is concerned. Being situated at the Catalyst paper mill site has provided more corporate exposure than would otherwise have been generated. This site can also be used to facilitate favourable summer rearing conditions. The water source for this site is most reliable as water is taken from the dam at Powell Lake and is not subjected to the flooding conditions present at most hatcheries located on river systems.

3- The Society also owns and operates a facility that sits on two acres at the mouth of Lang Creek. This facility is used for stock assessment as well as collection of broodstock, eggtakes and many educational experiences. This site is very unique in its ability to enumerate returning fish to Lang Creek.

4- Net pens are used on Duck Lake to facilitate tyhe rearing and imprinting of Chinook Salmon on the Lang Creek Watershed.

All four of these sites are points of interest to the general public, tourists, and school classes.  While our primary funding comes from D.F.O., we gratefully acknowledge great community support and a dedicated crew for our success and funding for many projects.

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