Salmon Preservation Foundation

The Salmon Preservation Foundation directly assists the Powell River Salmon Society and is designed to accumulate the income necessary to support and expand our salmon enhancement programs.

The evolution of our fundraising efforts is an essential part of our success. We are thankful to be supported and encouraged by the efforts of countless volunteers and donors; nevertheless, our long-term fundraising efforts are increasingly important to the programs that we have worked hard to construct.

Although our conservation and enhancement efforts have increased dramatically over time, our level of government funding has remained static since our inception in 1982.

For this reason our board of directors have enacted the Stevenson Resolution; the Stevenson Resolution led to the formation of the Salmon Preservation Foundation.

The Salmon Preservation Foundation, in combination with our government funding, is meant to increase and complement our existing funding, allowing us to grow and evolve our operations.


100% of all donations work in perpetuity 

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